Williams Firsts, welcome home

Williams Firsts are a community of students, faculty and staff who are the first in their families to go to college, the first in their communities to travel away after high school, the first in their high schools to attend a college like Williams, and more. If you aren’t sure, you’re not alone. To be a First at Williams is to instantly have a home with others, despite being someplace unfamiliar.

Taking one’s first steps into higher education is no small feat. Being a First takes grit, tenacity, and a willingness to venture into uncharted territory. Yet despite these common traits, Firsts come from all walks of life. Being a First is only a part of an incredibly rich identity. Firsts are our academics, performers, our athletes, our international community, our non-traditional and veteran students. They’re students of color, students from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, neurodivergent students, students of all gender identities and sexual orientations. Each carries their unique experience and talents wherever they go– enriching the Williams community inside and outside of the classroom.

Williams Firsts, welcome home.


As you begin your Williams College journey and move through your years here, our goal is to empower you to seek out your own authentic experience in college.  Our programming is also centered on promoting your self-efficacy in all aspects of your Williams experience while also reminding you whenever you need it, that you belong at Williams.

Here are a few highlights of some of the programming we offer:

  • Williams Firsts Pre-Orientation is a program designed to give incoming students and families an early opportunity to get to know Williams campus, resources, and our community.
  • The Williams Firsts RSO organizes workshops, opportunities, trips, and social events throughout the academic year.
  • Members of the Williams Firsts community attend conferences annually with thematic focus on the first-generation and lower-income student experience.
  • The Williams Firsts Graduation Celebration gives students and supporters an opportunity to reflect on and honor the milestone of completing college the evening before Commencement. 


If you are an incoming student who would like to participate in Williams Firsts events and receive Firsts communications, please request to join.

For questions about the Williams Firsts community, please contact Dean Rebecca Garcia, [email protected].

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