Poster Policy

Display areas and bulletin boards are provided in Williams College buildings to provide information to students, faculty, and staff. Across campus, posting is permitted in designated approved areas. Materials may not be posted on windows, entrance doors, walls, or in classrooms. All materials for posting or for distribution through student mailboxes must clearly display the sponsor of the program, service, or announcement. All posted materials must be taken down within 7 days after the event. Anyone wishing to erect, attach, or post signs, banners, posters of exceptional size (beyond 11”x17”) or decorations in non–student–center buildings are responsible for obtaining prior approval from the designated manager of that building or area.

Paresky and Goodrich

General posting is available through the Office of Student Life. No more than 15 posters per event shall be allowed up at any time between the two locations. Posters shall be submitted to the Student Centers Coordinator to be put up according to the policies of the building, certified, and hung up by staff of the Office of Student Life. Any posters not certified by the Student Centers Coordinator will be removed promptly. Failure to comply may result in future reduction in postering privileges.


Postings for events that have passed, or postings that do not meet the policies set forth here or in the “Advertising and Distribution Policy” section of the Student Handbook, will be removed and discarded. The College accepts no responsibility for items that have been removed and/or discarded.