Returning Students

General Information 2017-2018

  • Dining Services

    The first Board Plan meal will begin with dinner on Wednesday, September 6th in the following dining locations: Driscoll, Mission Park and Whitmans’. The regular dining schedule will begin on Thursday, September 7th and will be posted on the dining website

    Meal Plans

    If you need any assistance or have any questions on this process, please contact us at [email protected] or 413/597-2121.

  • Shipping Trunks and Packages

    Starting August 18 forwarding of all 1st class mail will cease, and all mail received after that date will be distributed to your campus mailbox. As of this date we can begin to receive packages for the fall semester. You will be notified by e-mail when your packages arrive. PACKAGES SHOULD ONLY WEIGH 25 POUNDS. Check with Connors Brothers, Mullen Mayflower or Mailboxes Etc on shipping heavier packages. Because of limited storage space, we are unable to accept packages before August 18. If shipping large items (TV, sofa, refrigerator, ping-pong table) by a freight company, the freight company will only deliver to the dock area in Paresky. We are unable to secure these items, and storage at the dock can only be temporary. You must include a contact name and phone number with the package so that someone can be advised that the package has arrived and that it must be immediately picked up. We take no responsibility for receiving or for the security of these large items. Mail and most packages are received in the morning. In the afternoon we send E-mails to students verifying package receipt. If you are using the internet to track your package and you are told the package has arrived, please wait until you receive e-mail confirmation from us before asking for the package. We have steps in place to record receiving packages that help us maintain security. All of last year's returning students will have the same mailbox number and combination. Remember. The USPS states that the mailing address must be exact, or mail will be delayed considerably.  Student Mail Services
  • The correct address form to use for USPS is
    YOUR NAME (example John Doe)
    BOX NUMBER PARESKY (example 1234 Paresky)

    When using UPS, FEDEX, DHL, etc. packages must be addresses

    BOX NUMBER (example 1234 Paresky)

    Please note that when using carriers other than the United States Postal Service, you must add 39 Chapin Hall Drive as the street address as required by them.  Mail Services Website.

  • Direct Deposit

    The Controller’s Office of Williams College encourages students to sign up to receive reimbursements and/or refunds directly into their bank accounts.  Instead of receiving a check from the Controller’s Office, a deposit will be made directly to your authorized bank account for the submitted amount that the College owes you.  To participate in this program please fill out the Direct Deposit Authorization Form which can be found on the Controller’s Office web page.

    When a payment has been processed, an email notification is sent alerting you that the payment should be received within 24 to 48 hours.  Please supply an email address to which the payment advice will be sent.  If at any time, the bank account or the email address changes, you will need to submit the form again with the change to insure that payment is not delayed.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Accounts Payable at either 413-597-4009, 413-597-4453 or email at [email protected].

    Working at Williams - Direct Deposit
    If you work for the college, you can also have your paychecks directly deposited. You can sign up for payroll direct deposit directly in PeopleSoft.


    Williams College issues student term bills electronically.  Fall term bills are issued in mid-July with a due date of August 15 and spring term bills are issued in mid-December with a due date of January 15.  Follow-up bills are issued monthly and all enrolled students and authorized payers will be invited via email to view and pay their bills.  Students can enroll an unlimited number of authorized payers to view their accounts. Each authorized payer will receive an email when the monthly billing statement is ready for viewing and payment. Payments may be made electronically, via check, wire or by credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express) with a convenience fee of 2.99%.  Only a student can enroll an authorized user. The College cannot enroll someone for you. Please discuss with your family who should receive bills. You, as the student, will receive a bill each month. If your family does not wish to receive an e-bill, you can print the bill or electronically forward it.

    Please email: [email protected] with any questions regarding your bill or student account.

  • Voice Mail

    Williams has a voice mail system which is available to all students. You simply dial into the system to retrieve your messages. You do not need an answering machine.

  • Travel Plans

    The College calendar will help you plan your travel to and from Williamstown this year. When planning your travel at holidays or vacations, please bear in mind that you will not be excused (by your teachers or the deans) from classes or exams to accommodate early departures or late arrivals. If in doubt, schedule your departure for after the last exam period.

  • ID Cards

    Lost or damaged Student Identification Cards are reissued in the Campus Safety & Security Department, located in the basement of Hopkins Hall. Campus Safety & Security office hours are Monday -Friday 8:30am - 4:30pmThe Campus Safety & Security Office will be closed Saturday & Sunday Sept. 2nd and 3rd  Monday, September 4th office hours are 8:30am – 4:30pm. . Replacement charge for lost ID card is $15.00. At the discretion of the CSS staff, a $15.00 replacement fee may be assessed for cards damaged as a result of negligence or abuse. 

  • Bicycle Registration
    You should register your bicycle with the College. This service is provided by the Campus Safety & Security Department and the one time fee is $1.00. 

  • Health Center

    On Monday, August 28th, the Health Center will officially re-open.  The most current hours of operation and other resource information can be found by visiting the Student Health Services website at

    During the Academic year, a Medical Physician is available on-call (for urgent medical needs) after hours/weekends and is reachable by calling the Health Center (x2206) and following the prompts to reach the on-call physician.

    Psychological Counselors are on-call (crisis) and are reachable through the Health Center (x2206) during regular hours of operation and by calling Campus Safety and Security (x4444) after hours/weekends.

    Non-Emergent Medical Transport: Dial 413 -597 -4545

    Limited Service August 21st  through September 6th: 8 am to 6 pm (1 Van)

    Regular Service September 7th – November 21st:  2 am to 6 pm (7 days/week, 2 vans)

  • Alcohol

    The legal drinking age in Massachusetts is 21. The College and its members must abide by all state laws governing the serving and consumption of alcohol. Only students of legal age may consume alcohol at College sponsored functions. The Alcohol Policy is available in the Student Handbook.

  • Student Residences

    All upperclass housing opens on August 30th at 2pm. Students can move in any time between then and the start of classes. Please see check in schedule.  General Housing information can be found at this link.  Housing Assignment information can be found at this link.

    Storage space is available in all residence areas during the academic year only. There is no storage available during the summer except for financial aid students and international students with need as determined by the Office of Financial Aid and/or the Dean's Office. It is important to label all items clearly and securely with your name and class year. The College is not responsible for items lost or damaged while in storage. Items left in storage beyond the academic year will be discarded. Storage is managed and maintained by the Facilities Department.

    Mattresses used at Williams measure 36" X 80" (twin extra long). Students may provide their own linen. Williams does not supply pillows, you must bring your own. Beds and/or mattresses that are not College issued are not allowed. If not removed, you will be assessed a $100 fine.

    Room Furniture
    Student rooms are furnished with a bed, desk and chair, bureau, bookshelves, and mattress. Furniture may NOT be removed from rooms and placed in storage. If it is removed, the student responsible will be advised to return the furniture immediately. If it is not returned you will be assessed a fine of $100. You are responsible for returning such furniture to its original position in your room when vacating and will be responsible for any damage to the furniture.

    By September 22nd, students are responsible for reporting to the Facilities Services Office any non-College furniture found in their rooms or suites that they would like removed. After this deadline, students become responsible for the furniture, and for its removal at the end of the academic year.

    You will need a bathroom caddy for your personal toiletries as these items cannot be left in any dorm bathrooms.  To keep bathrooms as healthy as possible we need open spaces that can be cleaned and disinfected without obstruction.  Towels only can be hung on bathroom hooks.
    Waterbeds are not allowed in student residences; nor is furniture that does not meet Massachusetts fire standard Cal 117.
    Williams does not carry insurance on personal property. Check with your parents to see if their policy covers you. If not, you may want to consider purchasing your own policy, as Williams is not responsible for loss or damage to your things.


    Other than fish (tank size not to exceed 10 gallons), pets are not allowed in student rooms. Students who have been advised to remove a pet, will be charged $100 per day for each day from the day of notification.

    Damage Policy
    Individuals, groups, or entire houses may be held accountable for damage to residential areas. The billing procedure for damage works as follows: If the student or students responsible are known, they are billed directly by the Facilities Services Office for repairs; if those   responsible cannot be identified, the repair costs are divided among the occupants of the damaged area, whether a single room or a whole house. In all cases of damage, those responsible are subject to disciplinary action.

    As we send along this information, I would like to draw special attention to the emphasis Williams places on fire safety. In housing nearly two thousand students, the College has the tremendous responsibility of providing living accommodations which are, above all, safe. Our intention in developing what may seem like very harsh policies is not to be unreasonably restrictive, but rather to keep the risk of a fire, injury or loss of life to the utmost minimum. It is important that students have the freedom to enjoy their rooms on campus with minimal interference from the College. However, in the interest of safety, the Safety and Environmental Compliance Staff and Security Officers may remove the items listed from student living areas in keeping with the room inspection policy outlined in The Student Handbook. Removed items will be discarded or donated to a local social services agency, and a fine will be assessed for each violation. Should you have questions about the acceptability of a particular item, please contact the Manager of Safety and Environmental Compliance at (413) 597-2406. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation. Please contact the Housing Office at (413) 597-2195 with any questions regarding this policy.

    As part of our residential safety program, Williams does not permit students to have the following items in student rooms see link. 

    Per Massachusetts General Law no person shall possess or explode any fireworks. Students found in possession of fireworks at anytime will be fined $100 per incident and referred to the Dean's Office.

    Williams is a smoke-free campus. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in College buildings, including student rooms, or within 25 feet of a College building. Fire alarms that are activated due to students smoking will be considered tampering and students will be fined per the written policy.

    10 RAILROAD AVE. ONEONTA, NEW YORK 13820 607-431-9525 on-line at:

    The Refrigerator Leasing Company has been selected as the authorized on-campus vendor for refrigerator rentals and Microfridges at your school. Many students have found renting a compact refrigerator or Microfridge for their residence hall room is very convenient. A cold drink or snack will always be available when you have a refrigerator in your room. Last year over 175,000 students nationwide used the Microfridge. Measuring 185/8'x I 9 1/2'x43 1/2", the Microfridge holds an ample amount of food. The attached microwave allows you to make hot meals in your room and the zero degree freezer will keep ice cream frozen. Please see our website for more information. We are offering two different refrigerator models to meet your needs. The larger Counter High model measures 35'x2l "x2O'. This model holds nearly as much food as the Microfridge, includes a compact freezer that will make ice cubes, and can be shared easily with a roommate. Our 'Cube' refrigerator is approximately 17'x I 9"x 19". It can hold several six packs of soda as well as sandwiches, and will also freeze ice cubes. All leased units are in excellent condition. If you would like to rent a unit, please fill out and return the order form by August 25. Signs will be posted on campus that will notify you of the times to pick up your refrigerator or MicroFridge. We will assist you to the room with a MicroFridge if you need help. Although it may be possible to order a refrigerator after you arrive on campus, it is more convenient to order one now. MicroFridges need to be ordered now in order to receive one. The beginning of the semester is a busy time, and there will be one less thing to do if you take care of this now. If you and your roommate each order one, we will assume that only one unit is desired. If you want your own refrigerator or MicroFridge regardless of whether your roommate orders one, please write that on the order form. Thank you very much, and have a great year at Williams. Order form available online at or by phone 607-431-9525 WILLIAMS COLLEGE HAS AUTHORIZED THE REFRIGERATOR LEASING COMPANY TO OFFER THE MICROFRIDGE TO STUDENTS. WILLIAMS COLLEGE IS NOT AN AGENT OF THE REFRIGERATOR LEASING COMPANY AND MAKES NO REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES AS TO THE SERVICES PROVIDED BY THE REFRIGERATOR COMPANY.