Marlene Sandstrom

Photo of Marlene Sandstrom

Hales Professor of Psychology

Bronfman Science Center


B.A. Yale University (1991)
M.A. Duke University (1993)
Ph.D. Duke University, Clinical Psychology (1996)

My primary role as dean of the college is to help you figure out how to best take advantage of all that’s here in the time you have.

We are a close-knit team of professionals who are all here to help you succeed academically and socially—to help you shape an experience at Williams that can launch you into the life you want to lead. We also provide student support as needed to help guide you through the challenges many of you face—academic, disciplinary, financial, health, psychological, or social—as you learn to balance the academic and non-academic parts of your Williams experience.

I joined Williams’ Department of Psychology in 1999, where I’ve taught courses ranging from statistics and experimental method to childhood peer relations and clinical issues. My academic research focuses on childhood peer relationships, responses to negative peer treatment and aggression, and bystander behavior in the school context.

I’ve served on and chaired several Williams committees, including the Honor Committee, the Committee on Academic Standing, the Committee on Undergraduate Life, and the Institutional Review Board. In the two years before I assumed my current role, I served as the co-director of the Williams-Exeter Programme at Oxford with my husband Noah Sandstrom, professor of psychology.