Vending Policy

These policies and procedures apply to all outside vendors wishing to sell goods or services on the Williams College campus. They are intended to maximize convenience to students and fairness to vendors, and to minimize bureaucracy.

At Williams College, being private property, the sale of goods and services by outside vendors should occur only when doing so contributes to the College’s functioning as a residential institution. Williams College reserves the right to refuse access to this service to any vendor who has not satisfactorily followed the policy in the past, or to any vendor selling goods or services deemed inappropriate. For example, no credit card companies will be allowed to vend on campus, and items such as incense, candles, etc., which would violate life safety regulations for campus housing, may not be sold. Williams College reserves the right to require that any vendor provide the College with a certificate of insurance demonstrating adequate general liability coverage and workers’ compensation, and naming the College as additional insured.

Vendors wishing to sell at Williams College must make their request by submitting the Vendor Request Form found on the website of the Office of Student Life. Vendor setup space is limited, and vendors are limited to two sale days during a selling period. Vendors unable to follow through on their reservations should notify the Student Centers Coordinator as soon as possible.

At the end of the sales day, or at the end of the last of the two days’ series, the vendor must present to the Student Centers Coordinator a check payable to Williams College or cash covering 10% of their gross sales during their vending period.