Resources for Support

Williams offers assistance to survivors of sexual assault, relationship abuse, and stalking through Sexual Assault Survivor Services (SASS). The SASS team consists of specially trained Williams staff:

  • Meg Bossong (Director of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response)
  • Jennifer Chuks (Athletics)
  • Donna Denelli-Hess (Health Educator)
  • Carolina Echenique (Admissions)
  • Mike Evans (Zilkha Center)
  • Rick Spalding (Chaplain)

These staff are confidential within the campus system.

SASS is available 24 hours a day, year-round, and can be reached at 413-597-3000.

SASS can:

  • help you connect to support and safety resources on and off campus, like no-contact or restraining orders, housing changes, or academic support.
  • provide crisis support during or outside of normal office hours.
  • accompany you to medical or legal appointments, to the Dean’s office or Campus Safety, or through any other part of the process of recovery.
  • discuss similarities and differences of on- and off-campus reporting options.
  • help you make safety plans.
  • talk with you about how to support a friend, roommate, teammate, etc.

If you wish to report a sexual assault or sexual exploitation for disciplinary action at the college or for prosecution through the police, click here.

Additional confidential resources with special training in helping survivors of sexual assault are available at: