More Information on Reporting Sexual Misconduct for Disciplinary Action at Williams

Note: The procedures described here apply to students.  Faculty and Staff should make reports to Campus Safety and Security or to the Title IX coordinator or the deputy coordinators.

When students report an incident to the College, a Sexual Assault Survivor Services Advocate will be available to respond to the student. These staff members are designated as confidential resources when they are acting in this role. The role of SASS Advocates is to assist students in accessing and navigating on- and off-campus health care, safety, and support options.

Once a report is made to one of the above, the Dean of the College and Title IX coordinator are also notified.

The Dean will provide information to the student on no-contact orders and housing and academic accommodations.

The Dean will also provide information about both the disciplinary process and the process of reporting to the police. All students who have experienced sexual assault or exploitation are strongly encouraged to pursue disciplinary action and to report what took place to the Williamstown Police Department.

The Dean will need to make certain that community safety is addressed. All colleges are required by Federal law-The Jeanne Cleary Act of 1998-to inform members of the campus about violent crimes that happen on campus if there is an immediate, ongoing danger to the community.   If the Dean determines that such a danger exists, the Dean will notify all members of the community, usually through an all-campus email that provides the general details of the assault (e.g. time, location, type of assault, a description of the assailant, if he/she has not been identified). The name of the survivor is never given. Every effort is made to inform the assault survivor before the mailing is distributed and to protect the survivor’s identity.

There is no time limit for reporting assaults.  The College’s disciplinary process can take place at any time, so long as the person accused of the assault is a student at Williams.

When such reports of sexual harassment or sexual misconduct are received, Williams treats them confidentially to the greatest extent possible and permitted by law.   See more about confidentiality here.