If you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted

The first few days or even months after a sexual assault can be both difficult and confusing. This is totally understandable. Remember that you can call SASS (413-441-6873) or RASAN (413-595-4100) 24/7 during the academic year to help you sort through your options.

First, get to a safe place.

  • If you feel you may be in any immediate danger, call 911, Campus Safety and Security (413-597-4444), or the Williamstown Police ( 413-458-5733) as soon as possible.
  • Campus Safety and Security can put you in touch with a Dean on Call 24/7 year round, or a Sexual Assault Survivor Advisor or a Counselor on Call 24/7 during the academic year.

Next Steps

During this time you may not want or be able to make decisions. That is both normal and okay. Many of the resources below are available to you no matter how long it has been since the sexual assault.

If the assault has occurred within the past few days

If the Assault has occurred within the past few days there’s important information here that you should know about medical care and evidence collection.

Steps that can be taken anytime after a sexual assault

Calls to any campus services will be kept private unless the safety of the community is threatened.