Disciplinary Process: Issues Other Than Sexual Misconduct

The Office of the Dean of the College investigates alleged breaches of good conduct and of College laws and regulations. A student charged with such a breach will be informed by a dean of the alleged violation. Any student who is charged with an offense shall have a reasonable opportunity to make his or her defense in a respectful manner to a dean, or to the faculty–student Discipline Committee if the matter comes before that Committee. Procedures for this committee may be found here.

Normally the Office of the Dean of the College decides disciplinary cases; however, a dean may choose to refer a case directly to the faculty–student Discipline Committee. If acting on his or her own, a dean may impose such penalties as he or she deems appropriate and consistent with the College Laws and regulations. The penalties a dean may consider include but are not limited to: disciplinary warning (a letter from the dean, a personal interview, or both); disciplinary probation for a specified period (sometimes with specified conditions, e.g., loss of eligibility to represent the College, restrictions of extra–curricular activities); payment of a fine or restitution; suspension for a specified time; or permanent expulsion.

When a dean decides a disciplinary case, he or she normally writes to inform the accused student of the decision and of any penalties; and in cases that involve violations of individual rights or injury to Williams students, staff, or faculty or to their property, to explain the decision to those aggrieved. The accused student, and any aggrieved Williams student, staff, or faculty, must respond in writing to the dean, within one week, either accepting the dean’s decision and penalties or asking to appeal the case to the Discipline Committee. A failure to respond will constitute an acceptance of the dean’s decision. In the absence of an appeal in writing within one week, any penalties imposed by the dean shall take or continue in effect.

A dean, at any time, may impose an interim suspension or other restriction upon a student if, in the dean’s sole discretion, interim measures are appropriate in order to protect the safety or well being of the student or others or otherwise is in the best interests of the College.


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