International Students

First-year International Students, who hold an F-1 Student Visa need to arrive on campus on Friday, August 26th 2016 for International Student Orientation

The Dean’s Office will assist students eligible for on-campus and off-campus work including Curricular Practical Training (CPT) and Optional Practice Training (OPT) (OPT Quick Reference for Students) and STEM extensions.   Students needing help resolving problems with any federal or Massachusetts government agencies, including Customs and local law enforcement, should call x4171 or stop by the office on the 2nd floor of Hopkins Hall.

All international students must register in the SEVIS database at the start of every semester (at Williams this means the fall semester and Winter Study period).  The I-20 Form needs to have an authorized signature every 12 months.

Please watch this page and your email for updates.


Immigration/Working in the U.S.

Working Off Campus

Curricular Practical Training (CPT)

What do you need?

  • Social Security
  • Letter from Employer
  • Notation on I-20 by International Student Advisor dated before start of employment


International Students Must Register with SEVIS within 15 days of the start of classes for Fall and Spring semesters

  • Student must register, in person, with Designated School Official (DSO)
  • Student must bring I-20 Form and any new or updated DHS/DOS documentation
  • Student must have DSO authorization for on-campus and off campus employment
  • Student must have properly endorsed I-20 form within the past 12 months for travel outside of the US

US Federal Government Agencies and their acronyms

  • US Department of Homeland Security – DHS
  • US Citizenship and Immigration Services – USCIS
  • Student and Exchange Visitor Information System – SEVIS
  • Customs and Border Protection – CBP
  • Immigration and Customs Enforcement – ICE
  • US Department of State – DOS