Contract Major with Honors

  1. Application process to enter the honors with a CM includes:
    1. A senior thesis (which is either two semesters, and a winter study, OR one semester and a winter study) determined in consultation with faculty advisors
    2. Minimum of 11 semester courses (two semester thesis) or 10 semester courses (one semester thesis) plus one winter study focused specifically on thesis work.
      1. One semester of independent work study may be allowed to fulfill the requirements for a senior major course
    3. A solid record of work honors caliber, defined as maintaining a B+ average in CM courses
    4. Application to enter the honors program due March 15th of junior year
      1. If student will be away the spring semester of their junior year needs to make arrangements by Nov. 15th
      2. Students who intend to write a thesis will submit their proposal to their faculty sponsors and the CMA, March 13th
    5. Admissions to honors depends on the assessment by the two faculty sponsors and the CMA of the qualification of the student and feasibility of the project.
      1. If admitted to honors, the student shall determine three readers (at least one of whom shall be a faculty sponsor) in consultation with the CMA by the end of winter study of their senior year.
        1. The readers shall determine Highest Honors, Honors, or no honors.
      2. If admitted to honors candidacy, the student shall submit the finished thesis no later than the Monday after spring break.
        1. After the thesis has been completed, the student publically presents his/her work