Contract Major - Approval Process

  1. The CMA will submit for approval to the Committee on Educational Policy (CEP):
    1. The proposal
    2. A copy of the student’s most recent academic progress
    3. The two faculty sponsor’s endorsement forms and recommendations
  2. The CEP, after consultation with departments and programs substantially affected by a proposal, will vote on each proposal individually and will notify each student and their sponsors before the spring registration deadline.
    1. In making its decisions, the CEP considers the student’s academic record, the coherence and feasibility of the plan of study, and the degree of support expressed by the faculty sponsors and, if appropriate, programs chairs.
  3. Subsequent changes in a CM must be requested, in writing, by the student and approved by the two faculty sponsors as well as by the CMA.
    1. Before making changes in the courses originally proposed for the junior and senior years, the new courses need to be approved by the two faculty sponsors and the CMA.
    2. During the fall of both the junior and senior years, contract majors should be in touch with their two faculty sponsors and the CMA about their progress in the major and the courses they are taking even if there have not been any changes.
    3. Where the CMA has determined that there has been substantial alteration of the original program, the CMA will forward the student’s written request along with the endorsements from their two faculty sponsors to the CEP for reconsideration.