2021-2022 Student Community Health Commitment (PDF)


With the COVID-19 pandemic ongoing, Williams College’s ability to welcome students back to campus for in-person education depends on all community members complying with the college’s protective measures. This Community Health Commitment explains the responsibilities and obligations for students returning to campus during the 2021-2022 academic year. Please take the time to read it carefully before enrolling.

The college will take all reasonable steps to create a safe environment, but cannot guarantee a COVID-19 free environment or a risk-free campus. You cannot rely on the college alone to protect you. You also bear responsibility for, and have the ability to protect, your own health and safety. By entering this commitment or enrolling at Williams, you agree that you will do your part and will also comply with the college’s public health rules and protective measures. The current rules in effect will be available on the college’s website and will be updated periodically, becoming more permissive or more restrictive as circumstances warrant.

While we will strive for as normal an experience as possible this academic year, you should expect that protective measures will be in effect from time to time, and may require your compliance and cooperation with some or all of the following:

  • Policies mandating masks or face coverings in specific settings
  • Limits on or prohibitions of visitors, which might include restrictions on guests in dorms or specific campus facilities
  • Limits on or prohibitions of group gatherings, events, and parties, which might include restricting them to specific sizes or locations
  • Mandatory symptom screening and reporting, including temperature checks and ongoing wellness monitoring
  • Viral testing and contact tracing protocols
  • Subject to limited medical or religious exemptions, mandatory vaccination against the COVID-19 virus and possibly the seasonal flu
  • Travel restrictions and return-to-campus requirements
  • Quarantine and isolation directives
  • Relocation to alternative housing upon the request of the College

By returning to campus, you acknowledge the foregoing and agree that you will comply with the college’s public health rules and protective measures, and that any failure to comply may be subject to sanction or discipline in accordance with college policies.