Rape, Sexual Assault and Sexual Misconduct

Sexual assault is a very serious issue on college campuses, including at Williams.  On this website you’ll find resources for help if you or someone you care about has experienced assault.  You can also find information on the College Code of Conduct, Massachusetts law, and how to report an assault within the College or to the police.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Sexual Assault

Q. What’s the definition of sexual misconduct at Williams?

A.  Any sexual activity that takes place without consent.

  •  CONSENT of each party is required for every kind of sexual activity – including touching, kissing, intercourse, and any thing else.
  • Filming, recording, or watching sexual activity is also a violation of the code of conduct if it happens without explicit consent of all parties.  These are forms of sexual exploitation.

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Reporting an Assault

What is Sexual Assault?

Title IX Information

Consistent with its commitment to addressing sex and gender-based misconduct, the College complies with Title IX of the Higher Education Amendment of 1972, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in education programs and activities.

Title IX Coordinator
Michael E. Reed
Vice President for Strategic Planning & Institutional Diversity
VP for Strategic Planning & Institutional Diversity Office
Hopkins Hall

Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Responsible for Oversight of Complaints Regarding Sexual Misconduct by Students

Sarah Bolton
Dean of the College and Professor of Physics
Office of the Dean
Hopkins Hall

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