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Williams College Fellowships

In addition to advising students who are applying for national fellowships, the Fellowships Office administers fellowships funded by Williams to support a student’s academic, creative, and personal growth. All application instructions and criteria can be found on the Fellowships GLOW site.

Williams College Undergraduate Research Fellowships

(Williams College Undergraduate Research Fellowships: PDF version)

The Lawrence Fellowship (2-3 fellowships)

The Mary and Nathaniel M. Lawrence Memorial Fellowship, in honor of Nathaniel Lawrence, Professor of Philosophy, and his wife Mary, makes relatively modest grants to support travel projects that lead to personal growth and development, similar to the spirit of a Watson Fellowship. A student’s project need not have an academic or primarily educational component.

The Wilmers Fellowship (15-20 fellowships)

The Robert G. Wilmers Jr. 1990 Memorial Student Travel Abroad Fellowship honors Robert Wilmers, Jr. The fellowships are designed to support substantial academic research projects that require foreign travel. Successful projects will present an ambitious intellectual proposal with clear objects and a defined research methodology.

The World Fellowship (6-8 fellowships)

The Class of 1945 Student World Fellowship is the gift of those classes whose academic careers at Williams were interrupted by World War II. These fellowships support projects of travel and study abroad that aim to increase international understanding, peaceful resolutions to cultural conflicts, and social action that forges links among countries.

The Bostert Fellowship (3-4 fellowships)

The Russell Bostert Fellowship supports academic research in the United States or abroad. Preference will be given to Division II majors, with preference to history majors and secondarily area studies and political science majors specializing in international relations.

Key Conditions and Requirements of Summer Travel Fellowships
  • Awards are made to individual applicants only.
  • Fellowship funds may not be used to pay tuition or expenses for any course of study abroad.
  • Fellowship funds may not be used to support unpaid internships.
  • All projects must be a minimum of six weeks in length.
  • Typically, students must have prior approval to receive funding from more than one Williams College fund in order to complete their fellowship project. Please see the Fellowships Office for conditions of approval.
  • Projects funded by World, Wilmers, and Lawrence Fellowships must take place entirely outside of the United States.
  • Bostert Fellowship projects may be undertaken in the United States or abroad.
  • Recipients are required to write a report at the completion of their fellowship and submit this report prior to the start of classes during the senior year. Failure to complete this report by the beginning of classes will require you to repay in full the entire fellowship award.
  • All sophomores and juniors are eligible for any of the fellowships.


Williams College Fellowships for Seniors and Alumni

(Williams College Fellowships for Seniors: PDF table version)


Dr. Herchel Smith Fellowships

  • Award: Two or three years of funding for study at Cambridge University.
  • Criteria: High academic achievement and promise in field of study.
  • Constraints: Graduating senior. One award must go to a student in the natural sciences. Emmanuel College.

Dorothy Donovan/John Edmund Moody and Allen Martin/Carroll Wilson Fellowships

  • Award: Two years of funding for study at Oxford.
  • Criteria: High academic achievement and promise in field of study.
  • Constraints: Graduating senior. Donovan/Moody tenable at Exeter College. Martin/Wilson tenable at Worcester College.

Florence Chandler Fellowship

  • Award: Post-graduate intellectual development while living abroad.
  • Criteria: Comparable to the Watson Fellowship.
  • Constraints: Graduating senior. Not for formal academic study.

Williams in Africa Post-Graduate Fellowship

  • Award: 14-15 month post-graduate research fellowship in Cape Town, So. Africa.
  • Criteria: Research experience and academic background in government, history, economics, sociology or anthropology.
  • Constraints: Seniors and recent alums.
  • More Information

Horace Clark Fellowship

  • Award: Approx. $13,000 for continuing research.
  • Criteria: High academic achievement at Williams and admission to a graduate program in research in any field.
  • Constraints: Graduating senior.

Hubbard Hutchinson Class of 1917 Memorial Fellowships

  • Award: $15,000-$18,000 each to a student in music, creative writing, visual art, dance, and theater
  • Criteria: Achievement and promise in creative field.
  • Constraints: Graduating senior. Must wish to continue creative work in special area of interest. Usually awarded to majors in field.

Jeffrey Owens Jones Fellowship in Journalism

  • Award: $10,000 to start on a career in journalism, broadly defined.
  • Criteria: Integrity, talent, wit, independent mind, character, skepticism of authority, concern for others.
  • Constraints: Graduating senior. Desire to pursue journalism.

Frederick Eugene Stratton Fellowship in Biology

  • Award: $10,000 to support graduate study in Biology.
  • Criteria: The award may not be used to support medical school or any professional school.
  • Constraints: Graduating senior majoring in Biology.

Summer opportunities for rising sophomores and juniors

See information on Summer Travel Fellowships.